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GLAD-X LS Observational study

2017 – ongoing. 1st Interim Analysis with 173 subjects. The results show significant improvements in a broad spectrum of wellness applications (sleep, cognitive performance, equanimity, well-being) by Low-Intensity rTMS. Furthermore it has been seen, that the device is not only efficient, but also very safe and extremely well tolerated.

Improvement of Heart Rate Variability (Stressindex) by Low-Intensity rTMS (GLAD-X)

Even Low-Intensity rTMS can change the Heart Rate Variability and thus improve the “stress index”. This means that Low-Intensity rTMS is balancing the neurovegetative system.

Here on the left hand side you find such an example, indicating the status before and after 30 minutes of Low-Intensity rTMS. The effect is a distinct reduction of the stress index, which leads to mental and physical health.

Alpha-Theta-Crossover (Deep Relaxation) by Low-Intensity rTMS (GLAD-X):

Even Low-Intensity rTMS has an effect of shifting EEG frequencies. On the left hand side you find an example of modulation before, during and after Low-Intensity rTMS. The change is called Alpha-Theta Crossover and serves for deep relaxation


Mobile Hi-tech Magnetic Stimulation:

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