In case any negative effect occurs while applying any of our pulsed magnetic devices, consult a physician.

I am not allowed to use the device:

• if I have a pacemaker, an implanted defibrillator or other implanted electronic devices

• if I have a shunt system in the brain or
fresh brain injuries

• if I have a brain tumor

• if I have an aneurysm

• If I am pregnant

• If I have an epilepsy or history of seizures or any disease that may lead to seizures

• If I have severe facial pain (e.g. trigeminal neuralgia).

• while driving, operating machinery or similar activities, if the device has negative effects on concentration or attention

• while showering, bathing, in the swimming pool or other water activities

• if the product-case or the protective mat is damaged

• near strong electromagnetic fields

• for children under 18 years old, being unattended while using

The device must not be placed

• on places other than the skull

• over open wounds, swollen or infected skin areas

• any kind of skin irritation is caused by the application

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