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Pulsed magnetic fields for your brain through the most enchanting wearable applicator. Choose between different stimulation waves to master your mood and mind and improve
mental fitness and charisma.
Positive energy – Made in Germany / Bavaria
The invention has a special energy and each member of the team is burning to participate.
Join us and fire up your personal magnetism ! 

Why GLAD-X®? For more than 17 years we have been intensifying our efforts in happiness research...

Implementing the research results of Dr. med Oliver Seemann’s clinical investigations oh healthy clients, we have developed a mobile and highly efficient magnetic headband stimulator. It provides excellent tolerability and safety and is very easy to use.

The frequencies of the magnetic fields involved are of physiological nature, i.e. not only compatible with, but identical to frequencies found in the human brain. Dormant neurons and their oscillating circuits are activated by GLAD-X®, brain waves are synchronized and the brain’s frequency range is modelled, thus harmonizing your nervous system.

Dr. med. Oliver Seemann


Satisfaction, serenity, better fall asleep and better sleep through the night, relaxed on the move, feelings of happiness and gladness, well-being, deeper meditation, mindfulness, spiritual intelligence, flow feeling


Mental freshness, emotional vibrancy, better cognitive performance in school and at work, faster learning, increased attention and concentration as well as better memory, physical drive and energy, ideal for work place health care and productivity


Anti-aging, cell protection, weight loss, attractiveness, charisma, can reduce wrinkles on the forehead

Positive waves – Testimonials

Bruce Chongman Ham, Hapkido Martial Arts Master, Meditation Master

„Very positive experience! I did meditation with it and I could get into faster and deeper“

A.N. from Bahrain

„I am really happy that doctor Seemann invented the one and only portable rTMS that is called Glad-X. It’s so easy to use and delivers with very amazing result. It’s unique German engineered designed by Doctor Seemann has the ability to make small accurate changes needed for the brain to improve and its based on the preset programs that doctor Seemann had set it up in the device chips in-order to make most effective use of magnetic wave signals for the treatment needed.This device came out after 15 years of study by doctor Seemann.Therefore I would like thank doctor Seemann for his effort and invention, also I highly recommend people to look at Glad-X device seriously specially people who want improve their focus and ability maintain the healthy functions of the brain“

G.K. from Vienna

I am very pleased with GLAD-X and I have experienced a change in my quality of life in many areas. Thanks a lot!

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