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Neurotechnology called Low Intensity rTMS (repetitve transcranial magnetic stimulation):

Pulsed magnetic fields for your brain through the most enchanting wearable applicator. Choose between different individual stimulation waves to master your mood and mind and improve mental fitness and charisma.

Mental Life Supporting System – Made in Germany / Bavaria

The invention has a special energy and each member of the team is burning to participate.

Join us and fire up your personal magnetism! 

Why GLAD-X®? For more than 18 years we have been intensifying our efforts in happiness research...

Implementing the research results of Dr. med. Oliver Seemann’s clinical investigations on healthy clients, we have developed mobile and highly efficient magnetic stimulators to improve the brain´s performance, the feeling of happiness and well-being. These magnetic waves provide excellent efficiacy, tolerability and safety and are very easy to use.

The frequencies of the magnetic fields involved are of physiological nature, i.e. not only compatible with, but identical to frequencies found in the human brain and thus "organical". The arrangement of the magnetic fields and the stimulaton protocols are unique and our secret.

You get an excellent product and I am looking forward to discuss with you!

Dr. Oliver Seemann



sleep, relaxation, feelings of happiness, mindfulness


learning, memory, attention, concentration, physical drive and energy


attractiveness, charisma

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