For more than 17 years we have been intensifying our efforts in happiness research. By doing so, we further perfected the positive effect of magnetic waves on human emotions and intellectual performance and demonstrated that magnetic waves promote and accelerate the potential and the generation of gladness (glad-x: gladness acceleration).

Implementing the clinical research of Dr. med Oliver Seemann we have developed a mobile and highly efficient magnetic headband stimulator. The high-end device is very easy to use. The arrangement of the magnetic fields and the stimulation protocols are unique.

Power Napping

One of the numerous applications is the so-called “Power Napping”, which increases the productivity and creativity in the workplace by a 10-20 minute sleep. For this we have designed a setting that optimizes the power napping together with GLAD-X


Better drop off and sleep recover


Faster and deeper meditation, mindfulness, being present in Here and Now


At home or on the move (for example, in a traffic jam or while flying), after sports or work, you may want to relax. Especially when travelling, people are more vulnerable and exposed to special needs that require special protection and increased regeneration demand. Relaxation comes through regenerative waves, that boost gladness and well-being. In this mental condition you may experience the “flow”

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